Review for Denpa Kyoushi Vol.1

Review for Denpa Kyoushi Vol.1

9784091235701Oh My Gosh, this manga is just perfect!

I absolutely love Kagami, he is an epic scientist, awesome otaku and absolutely wonderful teacher. Loved how in chapter 1 he took justice on the bullies. Especially when they (the bullies) asked if he hacked the site (the school network site/underground site) and his answer was: “Hack in? There’s no need for that. Because I was the one who made the site.” He is a brilliant teacher, and I am sure he will win the hearts of all the kids.
He is amazing! Helping out his students, while still maintaining most of his laziness/adw-attitude. I loved how he let the kids play a game as introduction.

His sister is a dangerous one though (killing a fly (cutting it in two)), swinging around with bats/sticks and such. I can see that evilness/badassery runs in the family.

This manga is a lot like GTO (only without the whole delinquent past) + science + a lot more otaku-ness.

I love the information we get each time on various topics (of anime/game/manga), really interesting, and I love how Kagami brings it. 

I really disliked that science-teacher in chapter 2. He was truly a prick, I hated his attitude, thinking he is better and all that.

Each chapter (so far at least, no clue how it is in volume 2) seem to have 1 or 2 new supporting/main characters, mostly with a problem or something special and Kagami talks/helps them. Interesting, but a bit boring at times. It feels like what some series have: Monster of The Week, but instead of Monster, replace it with Character of The Week.

The one thing I am sad about is that the first school he was at only lasted 2/3 chapters. Which is a real shame, it was a fun school and I really liked the characters. Let’s hope we will meet them again.

I will be sure to read more of this manga, of course hoping it will get an official English release and maybe even an anime series. crosses fingers


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