Review for Three Day Summer

Review for Three Day Summer

23232396An amazing book about Love, Peace and War. About music. About two teenagers crossing paths. About finding out your destination.

The book is told from two POVs. We got Michael and we have Cora. They each have their problems and worries. Michael for instance is unsure about his future, he doesn’t really want to be drafted, but he also doesn’t feel like going to college. Cora on the other hand has plans, but plans that are frowned upon. She wants to become a doctor. Female doctors are rare and she loves taking care of people, she loves helping them. Add to this problem the fact her boyfriend Ned broke up with her (for probably the reason that she wants more than just be a nurse).
These two wonderful teens meet each other and they hit off.

I normally hate cheating, and I dislike that it is added. However, it felt different with this one, I didn’t even notice that they were cheating, and all in all they kept it all pretty respectful. For most of the time they were just being friendly, and sure at times borders were almost crossed, but one of them would back away.

In other reviews I read there would be Instalove, and while there was a definite attraction between the two, I don’t think it was Instalove. I would say it is Instalove if characters would act like this: OMG THIS MUST BE MY SOUL MATE! HAVE MY BABIES!! OMG This is destiny!
In this one they do notice each other, but I wouldn’t call it instalove, more that they were commenting on each others appearance. Which earns Michael the name Peach Fuzz. 🙂 It was cute, but at that point I didn’t see a spark just yet. Just 2 people passing each other and seeing how the other one looks.
Even their second meeting isn’t that OMG Instalove. Michael is too far gone to even remember anything and he sees Cora as some kind of bird goddess, not as a human, and he talks in lots of shades of crazy.
I didn’t see a spark pass until much further in the story, probably around the time that they decide to stick together. But even there it was a smaller spark, the bigger spark fell quite a bit later, and it made me happy that this was done.
You have 2 people who are finding out about each other, finding they have a lot in common, find out that they like each other. It was really fun to see them get closer and closer to each other, but staying away and dancing on the border of getting super close, since Michael still had a girlfriend.

I really adored Cora, she was a great character and I loved how she had her dreams and hopes set big, and how she worked hard to get them fulfilled. I can see a bright future for her. In the beginning she is bit timid and shy, but you can see her grow with each chapter, with each day. And around the middle/near the end she finally did something I was just waiting and hoping for. You can imagine that I cheered really loud.Michael was a fun character, though I didn’t like how he treated Amanda. Amanda was a bitch, and a hypocrite, but no one deserves being treated like this. Michael should have broken up with her before everything happened. Just be clear about it.

But you can see him struggle with it throughout the book. He wants to break up, he wants to be with Cora. However, what he did in the later parts of the book were a no-no.
I also liked that he was thinking so hard about his future. He did try to think of doing something, as he had to make a decision soon. Drafting or College. It made him seem more real. As I can imagine that you might not want to go to college yet, but yeah, you also don’t want to be drafted. It is a tough choice, and it is sad that people have to make that choice. That they can’t pick another thing.

And that is also the wonderful thing about the book, it isn’t about Woodstock alone. It isn’t about music, sex, drugs alone. It also tells us how the situation at Woodstock got out of hand. How there was no food, how the military had to help out. It also tells us about Vietnam, the war there and the people that fight there (Cora’s brother). It shows us hippies, people protesting and so much more. The book was truly fantastic and I really enjoyed that it wasn’t just about one thing. It wasn’t about a fantastic weekend, it was about more than that. It shows us the world as it was around that time. And it was all super interesting.

All in all this book had everything that was awesome. We have engaging characters, great backstories, an interesting world/time period, music and so much more. The only thing I didn’t like, and thankfully it was only once, was the drug part. It was just a bit too weird to read what Michael thought. So I mostly skipped through that part.

I also loved that this book was separated in days. It just made the book more alive and more fun.

This one is now on my list of books that I absolutely adore and love and can’t wait to have physically on my bookshelves. Highly recommended to everyone!!!


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