Review for Schaduwliefde

Review for Schaduwliefde

Schaduwliefde It was a lovely book, really beautiful, yet haunting to read.

I couldn’t put the book down until I read it all. I read many books about war and how people survived or went through all the things, but most books are about Jews or other groups, I have only read 1 or 2 books about the Stalin regime.

The reason for the 2 stars? I don’t like the way the ending was done. The writer builds up to a climax, the journey is almost to an end.. and bam suddenly it ends and you get an epilogue. I still got so many questions left, so many things I would like to know. Who survived? How did they find each other, how did it end, how did it go when they got home?
I am just hoping for a little extra book about what happened.

2 Stars

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