Review for Zom-B (Zom-B, #1)

Review for Zom-B (Zom-B, #1)

Zom-B (Zom-B, #1) Wow, just wow. The book was amazing.

It all starts with zombies attacking a small village in Ireland. Very gruesome things happen (and it doesn’t help if you are already sick) and then we switch to another city, Londen.
On the news and internet there is all kinds of news about zombies attacking, soldiers fighting them off and more. No one believes it, and I can’t blame them. With the technology these days you can do a lot.
B (we will find their name out later in the book) just continues their live. Not that it is a fun life for a lot of the time. Having a dad who is often drunk, is a racist/fascist and who beats his child and his wife. School is no fun. Luckily B has good friends, a nice tight group with nicknames fitting to them.
For the most of the book there are no zombies. Only mentioned occasionally when the group is viewing some youtube clip, or when it is mentioned on the news or internet.
Most of the book is about B and how they react to their dad. B feels pressured, loves dad but yet also hates him for the views he has, the beatings and the way he pushes his views on B.
B makes mistakes, fights and argues with people who are of a different colour. I still think B is a good kid, even when they make mistakes you can see clearly they don’t want it, they are struggling.

Then at about page 100 we get zombies entering the school. Chaos spreading. Truly Darren Shan does his best again, the details of how people turned to zombie or how they got eaten (and the pictures don’t really help) made me even sicker then I was. I almost felt like I was there.

We find out that the hooded mutants(?) who B encountered earlier are planning this, with a whistle they control the hordes of zombies. They locked up the school so that no one can ever leave.
My biggest shock came when the remaining group found 2 gunmen, B’s dad and someone else. I always thought B was a guy, but actually B is a girl. But the way she reacted, the way she acted and other things clearly let me think she was a guy. I can’t find any other hints about B being a girl. But at the end of the book, B’s dad says people should move because it is his daughter. B actual name is Becky.
I was kinda sad that B died (and such gruesome way to go).

I recommend this book to everyone who can handle gore and who are fans of Darren Shan, you won’t be disappointed. It is a great book and I can’t wait until the second book comes out.

5 Stars

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