Review for Monument 14 (Monument 14, #1)

Review for Monument 14 (Monument 14, #1)

Monument 14 (Monument 14, #1) This is not the complete review, just parts and bits.

First: I magically got this book, eventhough it shouldn’t be out yet. 4-4-2013 is the date that is plastered all over the internet, even on the official site. But yesterday, quite unexpected, I got my copy of this book, and am currently reading it. 🙂 Either someone made a mistake, or no one cared to update the release date.

Second: My rants about the books.

Hail, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Chemical disasters.. not going to happen I hear you say? Think again, in this world everything that possibly could have gone wrong, goes wrong.
If the hail didn’t kill you, you will be killed by the Chemicals that are now floating in the air. Ok that is also totally depending on your bloodtype, but if you have some O’s as your neighbours, I would suggest you hide and hope hard.

I am really happy with this male lead. Not that I knew he was male in the beginning, I thought he was a she. 🙂 How he acted, how he reacted, everything just screamed: GIRL! to me. But a bit further we find out he is really a he. 🙂

Now that I have finished the book, I can say I really loved it. How it starts all good and fine, of course panic and all. And slowly tips over to despair, death, murder.
of course it is no perfect book, there were some parts I didn’t like. The Robbie/Appleton part. Especially Robbie, really what a sick dude that guy was.
Didn’t like Sahalia and how she behaved and dressed. And some other stuff happening.

Something else that I didn’t like: Grammar/Spelling and sentence construction. There were some sentences that I kept reading over and over, to find it if was me or the book. Sentences like: “”I was sleepy was the thing.”” or “”But now her eyes were lined with black and she had on very red lip gloss.””

Can’t wait for 2014 to come. Since that is probably when the paperback will be released. 🙁 1 whole year waiting for a book, waiting for a sequel that I really want to read.

5 Stars

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