Review for Temptation

Review for Temptation

TemptationThis book features 3 stories. 2 long and 1 really short story.

The first two are related to each other, though no clue how much time is between them.
Both stories feature vampires (or Eternal Ones) who do a bet to make the summer a bit more exciting. Story 1 features 2 vampires, and story 2 has 3 vampires. In story 2 someone from story 1 makes an appearance, well actually the whole story is about her. Or is it? We find out it isn’t April, it is her cousin, here to take revenge for what happened to her. I must say I absolutely hated Billy, well I hated him, until the ending though, when the big revelation happens. Billy is a vampire! He was hunting the vampires too, and well from the ending we can only guess what happened to Diana. Poor Diana.

The last story: Vampire Club, was funny and silly, a typical Stine story. A guy moves over from his school to another, only to be dragged in a vampire club. He wants to impress a girl there (damn he really changed quickly.. first it was Kelly, Kelly, and within a day it is Nan. sighsBoys… Anyway, he needs to kill a vampire so he can join the group for real. Sadly the vampire isn’t real, but our lead character only finds that out when he kills the victim and calls his new romantic interest. I really liked that. 🙂

So far, I didn’t really like how the characters switch between each other. It is quite confusing to go from female to male, to male to female. I have had to re-read some parts before I knew who was talking.

Also the nectar bit, was a little bit lame. I was like, wait they want blood, do they not?

5 Stars

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