Review for Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Review for Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Zombie Queen of Newbury High The book started of nice. The characters were likeable and fun.

I also liked the idea of a zombie virus that wasn’t spread by air, microbes, biting or such, but instead was done by a “”love spell””. Yes Love Spell (which costed about 100 bucks), with incantation and all. Oh and did I mention 4 stages before you are total zombie?

I think it would be a good lesson to all, never trust ladies who try to scam you in buying potions of unsure ingredients and a high price.

Chase was a cute guy, maybe a bit annoying sometimes and cocky, but I think in this situation it was ok. 🙂

I don’t think we ever got a real explanation why Rob ditched Mia, or if he was serious about stuff. I would have liked to know about that.

Around the middle the book went from fun to quite boring, as the lets-try-to-reverse-this-spell thing went wrong every time. Every time something would magically be missing and thus make the cure fail. 🙁

So 3 stars, still good, still a nice book. And I would recommend it to all who want a zombie book, with not your ordinary zombies. 🙂

3 Stars

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