Review for Eleanor & Park

Review for Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park The reason why the three stars?

-1: It is that I pushed through, but the first 3 or so pages turned me off. There was a lot of fuck (I really should count how many times) and some other harsh words. I don’t mind a curse word here and there, but there is a limit. Every sentence a fuck or a curse words is a big no-no in my book.

-1: For Eleanor: I can imagine her situation being horrible, but talk to someone about it, don’t crop it up, don’t be afraid. There are people who were willing to help you and you didn’t take their help. Also I was utterly confused on how she looked. Since it seemed Eleanor herself didn’t know.

Also the same -1 star applies to the ending. I was really really disappointed in the ending, I expected something romantic or some great solution involving Park. In short, her disappearing to some state that apparently takes a long time to reach, then not contacting him, not caring about him (atleast that is how it felt to me). And then the ending, her sending a small card with three words on them. We can only guess what it is on it.

Other then that, it was an interesting book. It had some really romantic moments and I liked how they grew to each other and eventually got into a relationship.

3 Stars

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