Review for Zombies Don’t Forgive (Living Dead Love Story, #2)

Review for Zombies Don’t Forgive (Living Dead Love Story, #2)

Zombies Don't Forgive (Living Dead Love Story, #2) Wow, just wow. I enjoyed the first book a lot, I liked the new take on zombies (electrifying!).

This book goes on where the last book ended, with our 3 zombies out on the run, and now comfortably living in an appartment. But not all is well, there are tensions between the 2 guys and the girl. Mostly have to do with romance.

Stamp is slowly drifting away, falling for a hot blonde girl, who likes him back.

But is she all that good? Or does she have evil intentions. Dane and Maddy find out there have been a lot of people going missing around their area, and are getting suspicious.

It was a great book, and I cried a few tears for Stamp . Though he was an idiot, he didn’t deserve this.

I am eagerly waiting for book 3.

5 Stars

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