Review for Ryan Hunter (Grover Beach Team, #2)

Review for Ryan Hunter (Grover Beach Team, #2)

Ryan Hunter (Grover Beach Team, #2) I was a bit skeptical, after all this is practically the same book but only then from Ryan’s POV. I didn’t feel like reading it at first, but after the horrible ending from the first book, I wanted to know more.

And am I glad I did read this book. The ending is <3. I might have skipped some parts that were practically the same as the first book, but most I read. And loved it. Ryan’s thoughts just made the book more complete, and since I just read the first book yesterday everything was still fresh and just clicked in one big piece.

The ending in this book continues further than the first book, and we see how they go on with their relationship. Which is absolutely lovely. Really I loved how the got together (finally) and how they loved each other so much they couldn’t stay away from each other.

One complaint I would have is the cover. The first cover features a couple that is white, and now we got a couple that is coloured. Nothing against that, but it just seems an weird choice, considering this is the the same book as the first (only a different POV). So um, how did we go from white to coloured instantly? Would be better if it just featured the same couple or two people who looked liked them. Because I can imagine finding the same couple might give problems giving the 4 or so months between the books. The cover initially made me think it was about a new couple. 🙂 And then I read the blurb.

4 Stars

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