Review for The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Review for The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict Well this was a fun and good book. I am sooo happy that Trenton Lee Stewart decided to make another book for the Mysterious Benedict Society, and I am hoping for more!

I loved the pictures in the book, they really fit and make the story even more fun.
This story was about Benedict, and his life when he was a child. How he went from orphanage to orphanage and in the end ended up at a new orphanage, where he has a room of his own. This because of his sleeping problems (which we knew about if you read the other books, but this one explains the problem more, also shows us more about how much of a bother it is to him). One thing I didn’t like though, was Benedict in the beginning, he was quite cocky, acting all smart (and sure he was smart, but still no need to brag about it). Luckily in the end he notices and tries to change. I loved that, I was worried it would go throughout the whole book.

Another thing I liked was the vivid descriptions of the surroundings, I just felt like I was there, I could totally imagine the orphanage, the people and the town.

5 Stars

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