Review for Afterlife Academy

Review for Afterlife Academy

Afterlife Academy This was an interesting book.

I like the idea of a school for kids/teenagers who die, they can finish there education there, and also get used to being dead.

I must say I didn’t like the characters, atleast until almost the ending. In the beginning.. well our girl was just a bitch, the guy was just, I don’t know what words I would describe.

Though I can somehow understand why the girl wanted to leave so badly, and didn’t want to believe it was all real, it came over as a bit forced. Also the whole she is coloured while the rest was grey, seemed a bit lame, and I might have missed it, but was it really just because she had a “”connection”” with the real world?

I kept waiting for the end to end up in a plot twist, like she survived and was just in a coma, but no..

Wade, well Wade.. I expected him to be dead to and instead of the academy that he was in Hell or something. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, he was at home, and didn’t even grief over the death of his girlfriend, and apparently he didn’t end up in prison(since he did drive without license and killed 1 person on purpose, and here I thought America was quite strict in these things).

Overall a nice short read, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

2 Stars

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