Review for As Dead as It Gets (Bad Girls Don’t Die #3)

Review for As Dead as It Gets (Bad Girls Don’t Die #3)

As Dead as It Gets (Bad Girls Don't Die #3) Just 2 words: Wow, Awesome!

I was kind of worried to start this book. Let’s just say, the second book wasn’t that good (second book in a series curse), and though I looked forward to this book, I was hesistant.

But I am glad I bought the book and read it. It was fantastic.
Lydia (our lovely ghost) was wonderful, so glad it turned out she wasn’t the cause of anything.

Jared was just plain creepy and obsessive. And controlling/calling a poltergeist *shivers*, drugging Alexis and more stuff. I kept hoping she would break with him. I mean why would you stay with someone who wants to know exactly where you go, where you are and wants you to be at his beck and call 24/7/365. :\

The mystery was great, and there were quite a few good scary moments.

And I loved the ending, though I feel there is still room for more books, or atleast one.

5 Stars

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