Review for Crushed: The Witch-Game Series

Review for Crushed: The Witch-Game Series

Crushed: The Witch-Game Series That was a fun and interesting book.

Each year the Noah sisters play a game, crushed. You blow magical dust in the selected boy’s face, and he will do what you want. of course you need to be careful, the enchantment might break. And then you will lose.

Now this year, Kristen, goes and cheats, she “”enchants”” the bad boy of the school: Zach Bevian.

But is he really enchanted? Or is he just acting enchanted?

The story switches between Kristen and Zach, I really liked that, that way we find out Kristen isn’t that shallow and that Zach actually isn’t that bad, but that he has a (deadly) secret.

Man, did his sister/familiar scare me. That girl was really scary, popping up randomly, trying to kill everyone who came between her brother and her lovely relationship.

She even employed the help of Kristen’s sister, Brittany .

In all, this was a great ride, it has romance, action, magic. I would recommend it to everyone. 🙂

4 Stars

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