Review for Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful #1)

Review for Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful #1)

Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful #1) I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book.

I loved the blurb, and the cover looked interesting, though my initial thought was witches or vampires… but it turned out to be Undead/zombies, though not like zombies we know.

Warning: Spoilers might be around

These undead aren’t craving for brains, but are looking for their lost soul. Also they are only limited to those under 21 who aren’t buried/cremated. So yeah, creepy factor, that you know that a little kid might just kiss and eat your soul. shivers

I loved our lead girl, she was really sweet and though she was oblivious to a lot of things, in the end she turned out to be all right.

I also loved Dante. swoon He was sooo cute and hot, I expected something was wrong with him, with all the: He doesn’t eat, sleep or feel cold. I was really cheering for both our lead girl and Dante to be together and that everything would work out, since they have enough problems. Him being undead and she being a monitor . And that being that, they can’t kiss on the lips.

The lessons they got at the school were great, I wish I could learn Horticulture when I was at school.

The book had lots of suspense, romance and I would recommend it to all. 🙂

5 Stars

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