Review for Osbert the Avenger (Schwartzgarten Tales, #1)

Review for Osbert the Avenger (Schwartzgarten Tales, #1)

Osbert the Avenger (Schwartzgarten Tales, #1) I wouldn’t call this a children book. I would recommend this book for kids that are 15+.

I didn’t know what to expect from the book when I pre-ordered it last year. It seemed awesome, but the blurb didn’t really clarify what the book was about.

The book itself was awesome, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people with a weak stomach. There are some stuff happening that are pretty gruesome.

I loved how the city was described, how when the author talked about the Institute, I felt like I could just see it, feel it.

Osbert, I never expected he would end up being a murderer . But seeing the circumstances, I can somehow imagine that he just snapped. Seriously, those teachers shivers they are just horrible, horrendous, and I don’t understand how they could be teachers. Though of course no one talks about what happens in the Institute, so no one knows what is happening and how the children are treated.

I disliked Isabella, not from the start, but around the middle of the book. I just had a feeling that Osbert’s relationship with Isabella would turn one of treachery and pain.

The ending was seriously creepy, and though I wanted to know what happens, I think we can just guess.

All in all, it was a great, fantastic book, but again, not for kids under 14 or 15.

5 Stars

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