Review for Project 17

Review for Project 17

Project 17 This book was meh.

I expected action, panic and frenzy, just like the blurb said there would be. Sadly the book starts slow, it takes a big part for them to actually go to the asylum/hospital.

After that there are some scary moments, but most of the time it is Greta x Tony, Liza x Derik, Mimi x Chet… aka romance and lots of drama/talking. Also we have some pranks being done by Chet.

But the whole scary action isn’t until almost the last part. And by then we are nearing the last few pages so it is quite rushed, and ends (for my feeling) quite soon and unexpected. Like we got the doll, now out and book is over. We get some letters/diary entries from our main characters, but well nothing is really happening.

Overall: Very disappointing. It gets a 2 star since there have been a few scary moments, and I liked those.

2 Stars

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