Review for Speechless

Review for Speechless

Speechless This was a great book.

I loved the idea, a girl who can’t stop blurting out everything that she sees or hears takes a vow of silence after something horrible happens. That she kinda of caused, though she didn’t know what the consequences were.

Chelsea was a good character, though I didn’t really like her in the beginning, I found her untrustworthy, a puppet, blabbermouth. But after all that happened, and her decision of taking a vow of silence, I started to like her. Especially since she keeps to her vow, she never says anything, no matter the situation, no matter how she bullied.

I really disliked Kristen and her “”friends””. That kind of girl, ugh, disgusting. Always hurting people, not caring about destroying people if they are in the way of your perfect little li(f)e. I disliked how she turned out. Making Chelsea the scapegoat for everything, turning her role into something gold and pure, like it wasn’t her fault at all.

I also disliked the gay hate, and that people got beaten up because they are gay. Gays are people to, you know? They just love someone from the same sex, instead of another.

I am so glad Chelsea found new friends (and a boyfriend), friends who like her for who she is, respect her and help her. I loved it.
And awwww at the romance. So happy.

I loved, loved her plan to take revenge on Lowell and Derek. It was awesome and also not dirty.

I loved the ending. I am so happy to see Chelsea learned a lesson, and became a better, wiser person.

In overall, the book is awesome, I would recommend it to everyone.

5 Stars

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