Review for The Avery Shaw Experiment

Review for The Avery Shaw Experiment

The Avery Shaw Experiment Avery Shaw, a girl who loves (as in real love) her best friend. He breaks her heart, and asks for more space.

She totally breaks down, and in her panic attack goes in the shower, were Grayson (ah Grayson, how great he is) is showering. In her panic she hugs and holds her to him, as soon as she regains her senses she notices he is naked (and has a hard-on, yes, details I didn’t want to know).

That is the beginning of a new relationship between them. Avery is mostly denying it for a big part of the book. 🙂

I loved the science fair project. Science fair sounds like fun (wish we had that here). Using the 7 stages of grief, to get through her heartbreak and be totally fixed at the end. And who is going to help her? Well of course our lovely, handsome Grayson. He will be making the tests/experiments, or as he calls them, dates.

The book is written in both Grayson’s and Avery’s perspective, switching every chapter. I at first didn’t like Grayson that much, he seemed like a pervert and dirty, but in the end, I really liked him, he was cute, and funny and he tried everything he could to make Avery happy, to get her through the 7 stages.

Avery, was a really cute, geeky and quite innocent (maybe naive) girl. I really liked how she grew, first she only loved Aiden, only wanted him and felt guilty every time Grayson did something, but in the end, she got over Aiden and went for Grayson all the way. I was cheering for Grayson a lot in the book. Hoping Avery would just understand it, would just dump that rotten boy named Aiden (yes, I don’t like Aiden, even after they made up).

This book had everything. Geeks, Science, Love, more Love, and 2 people who are just made for eachother. 🙂

Just would like to say this: I would recommend this book to everyone, it is a wonderful, sweet story.

5 Stars

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