Review for The Island (The Island #1)

Review for The Island (The Island #1)

The Island (The Island #1) Watch out, may contain spoilers.

I read some reviews, and I expected a Star Wars fan fiction. Now let me tell you this. It is not a fan fiction, it has some Star Wars references, and yes a big part is about Star Wars, but if you read the whole book, you will find out why.

Anyways, Leia and her twin brother have reached the age that they must leave their parents and learn to live on their own. Only to come back home when they are married or have a potential partner.

The book is mostly about how Leia and her twin-brother live with a whole group of different kids of different ages. She learns how to make huts, gather food and more. But all is not well in this part of the island. Is their leader still ok? Are his intentions still pure?

The book they follow, I had some suspicion that it might not be real but we later find out how not real. I loved that part though, and also find out why all kids 10 and up are send away.
And that the Fools aren’t so foolish. 🙂

I loved the little Star Wars jokes, and all the little references.
It was a good book, short, and I wished it was longer, but good. It really pulled me in. 🙂

And I heard there will be a second book. I can’t wait. I want to know what is going to happen. Are Walt and Leia going to be more then just friends, is the wall going to be brought down? Is a new world going to be found? Oh sooo many questions, so many things that still can happen.

I know one thing, when that book comes out, I will most certainly buy it. 🙂

Only thing I noticed, and what I didn’t like, was that this cover was practically the same as the cover for this book:

5 Stars

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