Review for The Little Woods

Review for The Little Woods

The Little Woods Lets just say I expected more of this book.. :\

Fom the blurb, I expected horror, thriller, mysteries and more. What I get? Well um lets see, drama, drama, more drama and a lot of cheating and romance. :\
Most of the mystery only happens here and there, the mystery or the deaths aren’t even that much of the main point.

I also expected a better main character than Cally. I kinda liked her, but at the part where Alex cheated on her, and she went of with Jack (did a whole lot of stuff from what I get), then the next day, Alex pops up, says he is sorry, that it meant nothing, and bang! They are back together… Wait what?Girl, I know he is hot and all, but um, like um shouldn’t you just break up with him? And omg! Your friends might not like you if you break up with the guy? Dear god, this girl…
Oh and it gets better, she just goes off with Jack again (and a few times after that).. Really she should pick one guy and keep to it. She is now worse/just as bad as Alex was. And she hated that he cheated on her, but apparently doesn’t care much about doing the same.

Wow we are finally at part 2 (why a part 2 at almost the end of the book though…). Part 1 ending awesome though, I am happy something exciting happened (finally).

Oh great, drama instead of action. Sooo Cally finally has the guts to break with Jack, and now she gets Sophie after her, who is pissed. Oh not because Cally was two-timing, no no Sophie loves Jack. Um Sophie, girl, you say everyone should know, people don’t always see that kind of thing, and if people specifically ask about him being your boyfriend, and you say no and say he doesn’t date, and say he is sexually ambivalent, then don’t expect people to know you like him and that you want him. :\

Sjeesh people, less drama, more horror/thriller please.

Um, why didn’t Cally throw away the condom? (a used one at that) That is just gross and icky. And yeah for Alex finding out the truth. \o/ Now she is boyfriendless. Finally she gets what she deserves.

And the ending.. sighsIt was kind of disappointed. I am glad everything got wrapped up, and the book didn’t end up with an open ending.

2 Stars

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