Review for The Program (The Program, #1)

Review for The Program (The Program, #1)

The Program (The Program, #1) In a world much like our own, but yet so different, there is an influx in teenage suicide, to counter this the Program is created. Suddenly you can’t trust anyone, show one tear or one sad emotion for long, and you will be reported by anyone, your parents, your brother, your loved ones. And then you get send to a facility where they will “”fix”” you. You will come out new, and won’t be sad any more.
But is it really that easy? Is it really that simple?

The book is split in 3 parts.
In the first part we start of with an arrest by the handlers. Kendra, a friend of Sloane has been depressed for a while, she couldn’t hide it well enough, and someone reported her. So in the middle of class, she gets taken away (not without a fight though). It was a really powerful part, and it sucked me right in the story. I wanted to know what happened, why is she taken away? What did she do, except mourning someone she knows.

The rest of the first book, is about Sloane and James and Miller, best friends, and in case of Sloane and James, lovers. They try to keep up and hiding their emotions, as more and more of their friends get taken. In the end everything goes wrong, and it all spirals to despair.

Part 2 starts in the Program.

Sloane is now in the Program, she tries to resist but it isn’t going well. There is also a very creepy guy named Roger (really eww pervert), and also someone named Realm, whom she considers a friend (though he considers her as more).

Part 3 is when she is released.

Here you will see how she tries to adjust to her new things, she has no memories and everything is very confusing for her, she has the nagging feeling something is wrong, but doesn’t know what. Slowly, and with the help of some people she founds out a whole lot, about herself, her memories, love but also about the Program.

I loved this book. It was just awesome. I loved the first part, it showed so much emotion, so much anger towards the Program, since it seems to destroy more than that it fixes stuff. You can afterall not show any sad/mourning emotions, because if you do, you will be taken away.

I loved James and Sloane, they are such a wonderful, cute couple, and I wish they could be together forever. 🙁 Sadly when Miller commits suicide (he couldn’t take it any more, and I can imagine, seeing your girlfriend return from the Program, not knowing you, not wanting you, not loving you any more, that would break anyone), everything spirals out of bounds, and James is arrested and taken to the Program, after that.. he doesn’t know anything. That was soo sad. Sloane did her best.. tried… and in the end saw that the person she loves is gone. 🙁 I cried a bit at that.

I loved the second part too, it shows us what the program is. I loved how Sloane tried her best to rebel, to stop them from taking her memories, but in the end couldn’t prevail and got almost all her memories taken.. except for one. But for that she had to pay a price. And that price. Ugh I hated that part, that she had to kiss that horrible, disgusting man Roger. Seriously who lets him work there? He rapes/blackmails girls and you let him do whatever he want? I was so happy when he got his ass kicked by Realm (go Realm <3) and he got fired. Finally! I was literally dancing in my chair. 🙂

The third part was what broke me up more. Sloane is now free, and what I loved though was that she became friends with Lacey, her old friend who got arrested and put in the Program and was released in the first part of the book. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that she would be best friends again with Lacey. 🙂 And that Lacey still is a rebel. I loved that.

But then.. James and Realm. 2 boys I really loved. James as the bad boy, and Realm as the mysterious boy. She finds out she loves James (was in a relationship with him), but Realm loves her too. I was rooting for both boys in this part. Though I loved James.. Realm was also very sweet, though I have a feeling he is hiding a whole lot.

I loved how, eventhough they wiped his memories, James still acts like James. Angry, stealing his fathers car and other quirks they apparently couldn’t get out.

The part that they go to the river, because James loves that spot (if only he knew). And that he gives her a ring similar to the one he gave her before the Program. I really went awwwwww yeah for James and Sloane. Go both of you. Soooo cute. I loved how they confessed to each other. So happy that the Program failed in that part. \o/ Yeah for love \o/.

Apparently there is a pill that will give back your memories, though there is only one of it for now. Dang I wish there were more pills. Give them to everyone. Wiping memories is bad. 🙁

The book ends with them running away, fleeing, taking Lacey and Kevin with them.

The epilogue was quite confusing. But also interesting.

Well I can’t wait for the second book to come out. I want to know what happens!!

Everyone should read this book. But be prepared for love, pain, suffering and also a few hints of happiness. 🙂 It is a great book, really good characters, good story and a few hints of lovely romance. 🙂

5 Stars

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