Review for Witch Hunt: Witch-Game Novel

Review for Witch Hunt: Witch-Game Novel

Witch Hunt: Witch-Game Novel That was an awesome book. Though very very confusing. But in the end it all is cleared up and everything is answered.

At the beginning I didn’t like Starr, I found her annoying and didn’t like how she didn’t care about privacy.
Later on though, I start to like her, and her reporter skills helped in the end. And she is an awesome witch .

The game itself was awesome, though, as expected not all to innocent as it seemed.

I didn’t know at first what the relation was with the first book, 3 sisters and a whole different game, but in the end it becomes clear, Starr is the granddaughter of Grandma Noah, who is als the Grandma of the triplets from the first book.

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes magic, action and likes to help with the confusing puzzle that is the book. 🙂

5 Stars

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