Review for Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend, #0.5)

Review for Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend, #0.5)

Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend, #0.5) The beginning of this book was good, only it got boring, it kept dragging on.

I also didn’t like the whole, you need to do the dare, no matter how you feel thing. I know Truth or Dare and that you are supposed to do or answer what is said, but still. I felt it was just a bit too mean from people who Lauren called her friends.

Seth… he was nice in the beginning, but as soon as he hears about the dare, he doesn’t even care to hear for an explanation, no he just runs away (ok I can slightly understand why, given his mother), and ignores Lauren. Dude, really, let her explain. I found it quite weak he acted like this.

Other then that, it was a nice and fluffy read, fully giving off the summer vibes and making me wish I could go on such a camp. 🙂

2 Stars

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