Review for First Bite (Darkwood Manor, #1)

Review for First Bite (Darkwood Manor, #1)

First Bite (Darkwood Manor, #1) Watch out, may contain spoilers.

This was an interesting book, it pulled me in. Though there were some things that I didn’t like.

  1. All the strange coincidences. Like suddenly there is a werewolf (wait what??), and though my suspicions were right, it was still a bit too cliché to find out Jason was a vampire hunter. rolls eyes

  2. Seriously, how is she going to hide the cooling box with blood? Where does she leave the empty bags, just throw them away or something else?

  3. Victoria and Nathan’s relationship. I found it strange and akward. Like they were lovers, yet they were not.

Other then that, I loved the writing style, it drew me in the book. I loved Victoria, though she wasn’t really smart sometimes.

The romance was ok, though a bit fast, but I guess you have to when a book is only 35 pages.

I hope there will be more, the ending felt a bit open and left some stuff still unanswered.

3 Stars

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