Review for Love Is Hell

Review for Love Is Hell

Love Is Hell

Several short stories with the theme: Love is Hell!

Sleeping with the Spirit: **** stars
This was an interesting story, I really liked it. It features love, but also how to overcome grief and continue with your life, to family and friends. Also has a wonderful ghost.
I particularly loved the ending. He will always be with her, no matter what. 🙂

Stupid Perfect World: ** stars
That was super confusing, I thought Kieran was a girl at first, also the switching in characters was just not for me, it only brought about confusion. The story itself was ok.
2 students/friends are doing a project for Scarcity. One tries out sleeping, the other has her hormones on. It was a bit interesting to see how they found all the new changes strange and how they adapted to it.

Thinner than Water: *** stars.
Interesting story, also quite scary at moments. What people will do when someone is strange and not fitting their world. 🙁
It was a sad story, a girl who wants to leave, but who can’t due to many reasons. I loved her and Robbie together, was so sad when things happened. 🙁

It was an unique Fairy story.

Fan Fictions: * star
The hell? Twilight fan fiction? Wut? No. Just no. It started off so nicely, well ok, the first few pages, until we meet Aaron, and then hear his story. Ugh. Interesting idea, but would have been so much better without the obvious Twilight hints. It wasn’t even that creepy or anything.

Love Struck: ** stars
Interesting story about selkies, but it was just a bit too similar to another short story I read. So nope.

In total I would give this a 3/5. Not the best in the collection.

For fans of Romance, Vampires, Ghosts, Selkies, Fairies. 🙂

3 Stars

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