Review for Falling Hard (Roller Girls #1)

Review for Falling Hard (Roller Girls #1)

Falling Hard (Roller Girls #1) Received an ARC from the publisher at Netgalley.

When I first saw this cover, I expected a story with lots of action or a real life situation. Then I read the blurb, and I fell in love. 🙂

This book is about Annie, a British girl who moves with her dad to the US. Her parents are divorced and her dad wanted to go back to his old place and start a cafe/restaurant.

I really loved this book. For many reasons. I really like the differences between British and American, and how both sides always get a bit huffy if you do things wrong with their language. And I like it when an English/British girl (or the other way around) moves to America, and has to adapt. Afterall her English is not really the right one, and many words are not the same.
Annie does her best though, trying to adapt to American, and showing everyone she is kick-ass.

Then we also have our cliche (but oh so fitting) mean girl (who also is cheerleader) Kelsey. Annie accidentally bumped into her when she was skating and had to dodge a dog. After that, Kelsey hates Annie’s guts.

I loved how Annie first went to try out Cheerleading (because of her gymnastics, and the fact she was too tall for that) and how she slowly finds her love for Roller Derby.

I loved the Roller Derby, I heard about it a little, but wasn’t sure what it was about. But this author has done her research, everything is carefully explained in a fun way. So no matter if you never done Roller Derby, after this book you will know enough. The Derby sounds like a fun sport to do, maybe a bit painful, but I liked the whole Jammer and scoring process.

Annie makes friends pretty fast, first with Lexie and than with other people. Also befriends people who she first found to be mean.

I loved the little references towards Engeland, but also how she talked, it was as other people in the book said: cute. 🙂

Also her love interests. She really knows how to get her guys. I really hope she and a certain someone will get together! (I will be cheering for them.)

One last good note, I loved the dad, he was just awesome. Silly and just being himself, and his dedication to make a beautiful new cafe.

And I am really hoping that there will be more coming out, though with the ending, I am sure there will be more.

Recommended to everyone who like a girl from another country switching, roller derby, and of course romance!!

5 Stars

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