Review for In the After (In the After #1)

Review for In the After (In the After #1)

In the After (In the After #1) I was looking forward to this book since last year.

The blurb sounded awesome, and well.. let’s just say if I had to rate the 3 parts this book contains it would be the following:

Part 1:
***** stars.

Part 2:
** stars

Part 3:
* star.

As you can see.. It started awesome, and it ended up in pure boringness.

I loved the beginning, we have our kick-ass main lead girl Amy, who is home alone, but while she is watching tv she sees the news. The horrible news of men-eating aliens. In a matter of days, the whole world is gone, most people are dead. She stick to the house, and only ventures out after a few days. Back then she didn’t know what to expect, but I loved her, how she, regardless of scary men-eating monsters went outside. Ok it utterly failed, but she learned a lesson.

The first part focuses on Amy and later on Baby (the toddler she found), on how they survive, how they try to get by in a world destroyed. Eventually things happen and they have to run away from their safe haven.

In part 2 we get to the New Hope city, a city with survivors, and also a surprise person I kind of suspected it, but it was still a surprise to see Amy’s mom, still alive, and one of the leaders. In part two we also have cursive parts, mentioning Amy as being in a hospital. I found that to be really confusing, I had no clue what was going on any more.

I loved the plot twist that happened in the book though. That in fact, the aliens are not aliens. But a government project gone wrong. People change (when bitten, but also at a time, through the air) in green, hungry, men-eating monsters. Call it zombies, call it something else, it was a great twist though.

I loved the characters, but I had hoped for more of Part 1, more survival, more living with countless scary critters. Instead, I got a bit survival, and after that a whole lot of confusion and boredom.

I am not going to read book 2.

2 Stars

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