Review for Love Hurts

Review for Love Hurts

Love Hurts Received an ARC from the publisher at Netgalley.

Mel is in love with Dustin… but she lost her chance at a relationship with him last year, now he is with someone else and she is heartbroken.

The book starts with Mel being late to school and hurrying, she witnesses a fight and pushes Dustin to break the fight. He does, and thus everything begins. She has to go to the directors office and there she meets Colter. She gets punishment and he helps her with it.
And thus starts the story of Colter and Mel.

This book was quite awesome. It felt all quite real, it seems the author did her research on bad relationships and what the signals are. Good job on that!

Mel was a really likeable character, she was nice, friendly, but had her fair share of problems, which threw her in the arms of Colter. And I can imagine a new boy, a bad boy at that has its merits and might seem fun, especially if you are trying to forget a boy.

Colter, well when we first see him in the book, I really liked him, he was interesting and from the description, quite hot. I can imagine girls falling for him. But while the story progresses, you start to notice little things that are off. His parents, his house, and a whole lot of other red flags. I really liked that it wasn’t, bang!, immediate scariness, but that is slowly spiralled from good to bad.
Colter, while nice in the beginning became really scary at the end. 🙁 Really psychotic and shivers just a total 90 degrees change from the first time we saw him.

Luckily Mel is a smart girl and notices things are wrong, talks about it with people. I was kind of worried she would end up like most of the girls in a situation like this. You know, dead or forever stuck to such a guy. Though breaking up through text??? Sure the guy is scary and all, but just bring some friends, and tell him in his face. Damn that dad of Colter is freaking scary and manipulative, well that explains why Colter is messed up… :\

Wow that ending.. It felt quite rushed, and I am also sad about it. What about Colter? What about your friends there? Peyton and Sarah? It was just a shame, that is -1 stars for the ending. 🙁

In overall, it was a good, but short book, I really liked it, it is the kind of story I like to read (thriller, horror, real life stuff), I hope the writer will write more, and I hope also longer stories with a good ending. 🙂

4 Stars

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