Review for My Life After Now

Review for My Life After Now

My Life After Now Lucy is a girl who made a mistake, a big mistake which gave her HIV.

I am still not sure what to think of Lucy, she is a nice girl, but also very stubborn, to a point where she almost denied treatment, and denied telling anyone about it. Not even her friends. Now I can imagine it… if your ex runs off when you tell him, acts like you are poisonous. 🙁

But in the end she gets through with everything, she gets medicines, she gets help, she meets new friends and her older friends stay with her.

I really hated the Principal, and the overall reaction to everyone when they heard she had HIV. Seriously, with the coming of internet, and even with no internet, there is enough info out there, enough things to know what it is, and that it isn’t contagious. Yet everyone acts like she is some kind of contagious demon. Really sad. I would think that in this time and age people would understand things a bit more. 🙁

Also disliked the mother, she was totally irresponsible and immature.

I loved the ending of the book.

4 Stars

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