Review for Ominous (Private, #13)

Review for Ominous (Private, #13)

Ominous (Private, #13) I was interested in this book, because of the Book of Spells. I read the Book of Spells last year, and loved it.

I have read the Private series until 8 (after that my library didn’t have them any more), though another reason is that I felt like it just dragged on a bit too much. Luckily this book was just a bit different from the others. What I read in the other reviews, that this one suddenly has magic and is focused on the whole Book of Spells book.

I was a bit worried I might miss the info of like 4 books, but thankfully, just like the other books, this one tells what happens (spread out, but they atleast rehash what happened).

This book was awesome. I really loved it. All those plottwists, the ending (oh god the ending, a stereotypical cliffhanger), but also the magic and the love.

It was a very interesting book, and I am happy it used magic, it just seemed to fit, especially when you read the book of spells book. 🙂

I will be sure to read the last book too, since now I am curious to how it all ends. I am hoping Kate Brian will make a good ending for this series.

5 Stars

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