Review for Openly Straight

Review for Openly Straight

Openly Straight This will be a short review, because I am quite tired, but I want to atleast give my feelings on the book.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book. I read the blurb and I was sold. It sounded absolutely wonderful, and it turned out it was.

Rafe is an openly gay guy, but he wants to get rid of the spotlight and all the labels. So what does he do? He transfers to a boarding school far away from his family and friends, and ditches his labels. He is still gay but not openly. He soon becomes friends with various people, from Jocks to the outsiders.

I loved the book, I loved Rafe. Though I didn’t really like the descriptions of him doing things with himself. I don’t need to know that, or what he fantasizes about. :\

I loved his relationship with Ben, though I was quite sad when it didn’t work out, because Ben found out that Rafe was keeping things away from him (aka him being gay), which I found really weak of Ben. Omg you would do it (aka sex) because he is straight? But now he is gay, you don’t like it? Wtf?

I loved the little parts inbetween the chapters, that featured Rafe’s life and how he became what he is now.

I would recommend this book to people who: Don’t mind someone being gay, boarding schools, short stories about someone’s life.

5 Stars

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