Review for Pretty Amy (Pretty Amy, #1)

Review for Pretty Amy (Pretty Amy, #1)

Pretty Amy (Pretty Amy, #1) First things first: Pardon my French, Amy’s mom is a real bitch.

She doesn’t even try to listen or believe her daughter, she immediately thinks it is true. Oh my daughter had drugs on her, oh then she must be a criminal and must have sold it. :\ Or with “”heroin”” part, her mom immediately bought books and wrecked Amy’s stuff. rolls eyes And so there are more stuff. Also one of the reasons why this book gets -1 star.

Amy… Amy.. Where to start? I liked Amy, but I also had times I wanted to just slap her. She was so darn negative, so gloomy. Everyone wanted to help her and (though I understand why) she didn’t want help or anything. Also that she kept believing Lila would still be her friend. :\

But the book was good. I liked the fact that you went through the whole process, not half. Just the whole, from arrest to prosecution, it was very interesting.

I would recommend this book to people who are interested in this kind of thing, but also for people who don’t mind a gloomy/snarky main character.

4 Stars

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