Review for Radiate

Review for Radiate

Radiate Not a long review (still sick), but I want to tell everyone what I thought of it.

Hayley is our main girl, a strong, happy girl. She gets a place in the Cheerleading Team and looks forward to training a lot and cheering. But quite soon she notices she has pain in her leg, she thinks it is just from cheerleading, but soon finds a bump in her leg.

That is where it goes down soon, doctor appointments and they find out she has cancer. Hayley’s world shatters, luckily she has a lot of support, her friends, her cheerleading team, her boyfriend (though ok, he was quite worthless) and more people.

She is soon admitted in a hospital, and the treatments starts.

I loved Hayley, I really did. Atleast… the first part. She is so strong, so hopeful, and she keeps fighting. of course she has her breakdowns, she gets angry and cries. But she never loses her goal, never forgets to fight. She is really inspirational.

The second part focuses on her getting out of the hospital and on the road of recovery and treatment. And that is where it goes down. I don’t mind a few curses here and there, but I felt like the curse meter went up 100% in that part. Words like shit flew around. :\
It was a shame. :\

I really disliked Hayley’s boyfriend, he never visited once, never got her a present, and when she loses her hair, he acts strange and in the end they break up . Thank god, she noticed how he was.

I loved Gabriel, he was cute and I was really rooting for him. During the whole time Hayley was in the hospital, he visited once and also gave her presents.

One thing I liked, finally for once, a non-bitching/mean cheerleading team. Only one girl is a real bitch, and is really insensitive throughout the sickness and healing part.

Overall, this book was absolutely beautiful and sweet. Recommended to everyone. <3

5 Stars

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