Review for Vegan, Virgin, Valentine

Review for Vegan, Virgin, Valentine

Vegan, Virgin, Valentine Will be a short review because I am sick, but I really want to atleast write a bit what I thought of it.

Let me say this, I expected many things from the book, and I got more. 🙂
Mara is a wonderful character, she is smart, fun and cute. She grows to much more than that later on, eventually becoming a good balanced character who finds out there is more to life than studying and getting great grades.

V.. however.. was a character that made me drop the book almost. In the beginning of the book, I really disliked her, sure she had a crappy past and her mom isn’t really great, but to do all those things? Sex randomly? Smoke? Just don’t give a damn about life? No.. Luckily in the end she turns in a more likeable character, I even bought book 2 in this series which is about her.

In overall, this was a great book, all set in a few months of time, but those few months are chock-full with amazing things, sad things and life changing things.

I would really recommend this book to everyone. 🙂

5 Stars

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