Review for The Distance Between Us

Review for The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us This was a really cute book.

Our main character was nice, but sometimes I just wanted to hit her on her head to get her sense back.

I didn’t like her mom. She hid too many things, she was never happy with her daughter (and in the store, if her daughter listened to her mom and it didn’t work, she would blame her own kid, not say it was her own advice). And there were more things.

I loved the love interests. Mason was really interesting, as was our rich boy Xander.

I do wish it had multiple POVs, it would have been fun to see what Xander was thinking. 🙂

The career days they both held were fun to read. They really tried a lot of jobs and I am wondering if in the end they found out what they both wanted to do.

In al, I would recommend this book to everyone. 🙂 It has lots of romance, but also some real life problems. But it is all happy ending, so be sure to read it. 🙂

4 Stars

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