Review for The Enemy (The Enemy #1)

Review for The Enemy (The Enemy #1)

The Enemy (The Enemy #1) This book made me think of Gone, but then everywhere, and also with zombies!

So I had to wait about 8 months before my library, bought and got this book. So I was really really excited about this book. And wow, what a ride it was.

We are now in a world where everyone over 14 got sick. They either died or they turned into zombies (and smart ones at that, though there are various zombies, zombies who hunt, zombies who are stupid and of course zombies who don’t do anything).

We are in London, and there are various groups of kids still out there and alive.

I loved this book. It had action, sadness, grief and kick-ass characters. I loved how it switched between characters, and I was crying a few times when a few of my favourite characters died. 🙁 Really, this book, I would warn you, kills of anyone, regardless of them being a lead or side-character. So be warned. If you don’t like that, don’t read the book.

I really disliked the king boy. He was a bit too power-hungry, a bit too crazy. :\

Little Sam was cute, and I loved to read the parts where he told his story, the story of getting to his sister. Finding her.

It is a scary world, no normal adults (or are there?) and only zombies who love to eat children. 🙁

I can’t wait to read book two, I read the interview in the back, and I can’t wait to see more groups of children, see how they think, what they want.

5 Stars

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