Review for This Is What Happy Looks Like

Review for This Is What Happy Looks Like

This Is What Happy Looks Like What starts out as an accidental mails turns into a fullblown romance. 🙂

It all starts when Graham sends a mail to the wrong adress, to Ellie. She replies to it, and eventually they chat daily. They have fun, though Ellie doesn’t know Graham is a super hot actor.

Then the movie comes to Ellie’s town. Courtesy of Graham who found her hometown to be the perfect place for the movie (and since they needed a new location).

At first he mistakes another girl for Ellie (yeah for shirts with names on it), but he soon finds out who he really needs to go for.

I loved this book. The emails were fun and sweet, and I loved Graham and Ellie’s relationship. They had some hardships, she had some secrets and financial problems, he is a famous actor and that always comes with cameras and stalkers. But in the end they figure it out.

I loved the betting part though, it was a really creative way to get her the money she needed for a school course she wanted to take.

I felt sorry for Ellie and her mother, for having had so many problems, so many things gone wrong.

Graham was totally swoonworthy, he was sweet, cute and nice and tried his best to understand Ellie.

This book is told from Ellie and Graham’s perspectives, switches every chapter. I liked this, that way we get both of the stories and also find out about Graham. Sometimes you just have a one-sided story, and that isn’t bad, but with this kind of book you really need 2 sides.

I would really recommend this book to everyone who likes: Romance, actors, movies, a small town in the middle of Maine and like swoonworthy guys.

As soon as the paperback comes out, I will be sure to buy the book for my collection. 🙂

5 Stars

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