Review for Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament

Review for Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament

Breathers: A Zombie's Lament I was really interested in this book. It sounded like a totally great new view on zombies.

Our main character fell asleep behind the wheel and he and his wife get killed… well actually she gets killed, and he comes back from the dead in the mortuary.

Welcome back to the world… the world isn’t happy to see you. Zombies have no rights, can’t go to stores and many other things, it totally isn’t fair, especially since no one asked to be revived back.

Andy visits a therapist, goes to a support group, and also tries to protest (which fails).

He then meets Ray, who introduces him to some new things. I already had a feeling those things were humans or Breathers as they are called by the zombies. But we only find out a bit later what it really is, and what kind of awesome stuff they apparently do to a zombie.

And that is where, for me the story just slipped away. I loved the beginning, Andy’s struggles, Andy who falls in love, Andy who tries his best to change things. But now… he is just a killer, just another monster. And I am sad about it.

I really loved the book, but with the last part, them eating/killing people. No, just no. 🙁 I skipped most of the last part. When we finally get to the whole right/petition part that happened in the first part, I am happy, finally something good again. Sad that we had a whole killing part, and that it will be very interesting when they will find out he killed people. But ok, the book redeems itself (only a bit, since there is still enough killing and such) with the whole media and attention part. Though I really wish they skipped the whole: Eat Breather, Breather good, Breather NOM. :\

Well the almost end part was interesting, kinda expected though. All the attention, and I am sure people can put one + one together with people going missing all of the sudden. But still it was sad. Though I really started disliked Andy and Rita and the rest of the zombies, this was kind of an overdose. The whole revenge part was just… nope. Not really a good idea if you are fighting for zombie rights and all. And the end part, just typical zombie behaviour, and not something I signed up for when I read the blurb of this book.

I still want some answer though, like why do some people revive? Why all the hate, after all zombies have been around for ages, and many other questions.

I was planning on buying this book, but now I will not. Good book for about 60% but then it just goes down the drain. :\

2 Stars

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