Review for Five Summers

Review for Five Summers

Five Summers I saw this book and knew I had to read it. Though I was a bit hesitant about the whole 4 characters and how that will turn out.

Luckily, it turned out great. Every chapter features a girl (sometimes a few chapters in a row). Our real main character is Emma (she gets the most chapters and a lot the book is about her).

The girls were best friends, every year they met each other at the summer camp, they grew up, they had fun… but there are secrets. They all had their little secrets, that they didn’t tell the others.

The last summer they were together, things went wrong. They promised (kinda) they would meet again next year, as counsellors. They break up with people, they turn down people. And then they leave.

But with this big of a distance, and the fact that only 2 of the girls were allowed back to the camp as counsellors, the group soon falls in parts. They still talk a bit to each other, but barely.

Then there is a reunion planned. Everybody of their year is coming, and lots of things will be unearthed. How will they tell their friends, how will they cope.

This book was packed with drama, but also camp fun (camp really sounds like a fun thing), a bit of romance and more.

I really disliked Skylar, she knew about Emma’s feelings, and yet she just screwed her behind her back, pretending every time nothing was up and such. Adam, well I really disliked him, he was just a flirting playboy, tricking many women in his web. But I wanted to smack both Emma and Skylar for being such idiots over one boy. I don’t know about you, but I thought there was a rule about friendships and boys, and that boys shouldn’t come between friends, and that if your friend likes someone, don’t take him away. No matter what.

Maddie was the one with the biggest secret though, though also the one with the least drama. Sure it was a big secret, but I didn’t get what the big deal was about it.

Luckily the girls get together (after a huge fight (which was interesting to read about btw)), and talk about the stuff that happened. Though, in case of Skylar and Emma, I was kinda surprised they still were friends, after all that happened. I know for one thing, if my best friend would do that, I wouldn’t go and be best buddies again with her.

In overall this book was really good and it was a fun/interesting summer read.

Recommended to those who: like drama, like camps (or like to read about them), and like to read about a friendship and the effects of years of being apart.

5 Stars

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