Review for I Heart You, You Haunt Me

Review for I Heart You, You Haunt Me

I Heart You, You Haunt Me I really don’t like verse books. But I had to read a verse book for a challenge on my group.

Let me just say this: Nevermore!

The story itself was good, a girl loses her boyfriend, she haunt her and she drifts off further and further.

The bad side, and the reason for the 1 star, is that it felt like someone wrote an absolutely wonderful book, then threw it in the shredder. Then they found out, hey these short sentences work really well, it looks fun.

While in fact, I felt like I was reading some easy English book, short choppy sentences and that kind of crap. It really distracted me of the story.

So 1 star. And verse books: Nevermore! I will just refuse if I have to read it.

1 Stars

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