Review for Loveless, Volume 6

Review for Loveless, Volume 6

Loveless, Volume 6 Finally found this book and bought it.

It is so hard to find Tokyopop manga, and although VIZ licensed this manga, they don’t bring out the older volumes in one volume format, no they only do it in a 2 books format. And since I needed 6 and 7, it would mean I would need to buy 2 of those 2 books format things. :\

I really missed this manga, been ages since I last read it, and I can tell you this, it is still awesome and really great.

The illustrations and the little pages with art are really wonderful. Yun Kouga has a lovely art style.

With story, poor Ritsuka, having such a mother, a mother who will tie him down to keep him near her. Scary.

Soubi is still as mysterious as always.

5 Stars

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