Review for My Fate for Yours (My Heart for Yours, #0.5)

Review for My Fate for Yours (My Heart for Yours, #0.5)

My Fate for Yours (My Heart for Yours, #0.5) This was quite a good book. I didn’t know what to expect, I needed this book for a challenge, and haven’t heard of the series or anything.

All I can say is this book is definitely for 18+, most of the book is quite tame, but there are some sex scenes (very minor ones, but enough information is given).

The romance was ok. I really really liked Rachel, she was a great girl, trying to keep her head up while drowning in work and other responsibilities. Eamon, ugh, nice guy but a total prick in regards of girls. :\ And he should just grow up for once. Take up responsibilities, take the job and don’t do all those dangerous things he does.

Also the little cursive past parts, were slightly disturbing (kids about to have sex… no thank you) and totally inappropriate.

Wow that ending, I never expected to have it ended like that. Though with all the dangerous stuff.. it was to be expected a bit. Still I cried a bit. 🙁

3 Stars

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