Review for We Were There, Vol 11

Review for We Were There, Vol 11

We Were There, Volume 11 Another very emotional volume.

Again it is mostly Yano focused (which I don’t mind, since I am really curious about what happened to Yano).

It was a very sad volume. Yano’s mom is really showing all the signs of being sick, and she is highly paranoid that Yano will leave with Michiko.
In the end she doesn’t even want to leave the house any more, since she is afraid Michiko will come in.

Yano can’t take it and wants to see Nanami. He tells his mom he is leaving to Nanami, and that he will be back when she is going to get treatment. The next morning, Yano wants to leave, and he finds that his mom has killed herself. Poor Yano, and I really hated Michiko, pushing and pushing, even on the funeral she was searching for him. Some people should just understand NO.

Then we switch back to Nanami and Takeuchi. Kyaa those two just fit so well together. Go Takeuchi, I hope she will say yes! crosses fingers

And shock! Yano is found!

4 Stars

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