Review for We Were There, Vol 12

Review for We Were There, Vol 12

We Were There, Volume 12 Oh god, Yuri Yamamoto, that girl never learns does she. Gahhhh, this one filled me with rage. I really dislike Yuri, she is really a (pardon my French) a bitch and a stalker. She should really learn the word NO! GAhhhhh.

And Yano, gah! So much rage for this volume.

Atleast one person understands that it won’t work between Yuri and Yano. Though she gets a full load of hate of Yuri. Sjeesh that girl is really thinking everyone is against her or looking down on her. :\

Gah at that mom of Yuri. Sjeesh, with parents like that I can somehow imagine why Yuri turned out to be what she is now. No wonder Yuri has no confidence in herself.

And apparently Yano lost parts of his memory, well that kinda explains stuff, but still not all. :\

In overall this was one volume I wanted to throw against a wall.

2 Stars

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