Review for We Were There, Vol 13

Review for We Were There, Vol 13

We Were There, Volume 13 Oh god, more rage!

Yano is really a stupid idiot. :\ Living together with Yuri? Of all people? Seriously what??????

And awww poor Takeuchi. Nanami should just continue with her life, forget that Yano, move forward, not stand still. 🙁

That part at the airport. Soooo sad. 🙁 And Takeuchi who is visiting Yuri to find out why the hell everything is happening. I can imagine, I thought Yano was pretty clear about the no part, but apparently he just picked the easy girl, the one who kept stalking him, no matter where he goes.

Only a few volumes to go. Let’s hope they are less rage-worthy.

3 Stars

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