Review for We Were There, Vol. 9

Review for We Were There, Vol. 9

We Were There, Vol. 9 Well that was a confusing start of the manga.

Suddenly we are 5 years in the future. Nanami is now a senior in College, writing her thesis and searching for a job. At first I didn’t even recognize her.

But after you get used to that future thing, the book feels all natural, like you didn’t miss anything. I am sad to read that Yano just disappeared, left without any kind of message (well atleast not to Nanami). Though I still think that after that long, Nanami should just move on. Yes Yano was good, he was perfect for you, but after 5 years…

So yeah, I was cheering for Takeuchi when he confessed, and they kissed. Finally! Takeuchi + Nanami = <3 <3 <3

We also got a chapter about Yano, how he started in his new school. It was interesting, but Yano seemed different.

Also why do we still have them (and also on the other cover 10+) on the covers, when they are 5 years further in time, and not even together any more?

4 Stars

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