Review for Broken Hearts (Fear Street Superchiller, #4)

Review for Broken Hearts (Fear Street Superchiller, #4)

Broken Hearts (Fear Street Superchiller, #4) Watch out, may contain Spoilers!

I must say it started off quite awesome, with them going horseback riding and one ending up falling

But sadly, the rest of the book wasn’t that good. Josie was just, sorry for my language, a bitch, a really big selfish bitch. When she started getting threatening letters I was just hoping they were true. I don””t want to wish anyone dead, but sorry. Poor Erica had to give up everything for Rachel, since Josie just does what she wants and leaves Erica with the mess. :/

Around the part were a certain someone meets their fate, I was just cheering and starting at that point the book got a bit better.

But still, when I found out who the criminal mastermind was, I was kind of surprised and also not. Surprised since I had anticipated someone else, and also not, since a lot of things just pointed out to that character.

In overall a nice book, but nothing really special.

2 Stars

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