Review for Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons)

Review for Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons)

Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons) I have gotten this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review. 🙂

First of all, thank you Harry Toews for gifting me this book!

Now my review:

I really loved this book, it was simple, but very magical. I really loved the story and the morale/lesson we learned. I am sure kids will love it!
The main characters were cute and I liked that they (unlike in some children books) act like children. They get told to not do something, and like children do, they just do it.

The pictures/illustrations they are really nice and I absolutely love the colours, so vibrant and shiny.

In overall, a magical book, which is fun to read, but will also learn kids a lesson in a fun way.

And of course butterflies. <3

I would recommend this to all parents who need a new, interesting book to read to their children, or for children who want to try out reading a book, even if you can’t read that well, the images will help a lot, they tell the story too.

4 Stars

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