Review for Lost and Found

Review for Lost and Found

Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1) I normally am very hesitant about reading NA, mostly because it feels really awkward reading people having sex, and it is mostly in detail. I don’t mind sex, but reading about it, no. :\

But I also saw it was YA. One of my group members said it was mostly because of their age that it was NA, and told me to relax and enjoy it. And I did.

There is only one really awkward sex scene (for me), which also was kind of sweet and I had a few laughs about some things happening (a certain someone still being a virgin, and a certain other person not believing it and they had a nice little chat).

In overall this was a beautiful, lovely book. Jesse was really <3, I really liked him. And I normally don’t really go for the cowboy/cocky boy, but this time, dang he was sweet and from what I could read from description also quite hot and had a nice ass (that is what mostly came around when Rowen was talking. ;).

Rowen, well I was a bit doubting her, but reading her backstory and learning about her, I started to sympathize with her and I started cheering for her. I really loved her snarky remarks though, she as Josie said, had some big moxie. I loved how she changed, turned and got her life back.

Their relationship was sooo cute and sweet. Though it wasn’t all easy and go, they both have a past, and I am really hoping they will stay together and get through those pasts.

There is one thing I didn’t like. And that was Garth. I really hated Garth. He was one manipulative, sucky, bastard. I wanted to kick him and smack him.

I will be reading the second book soon, hoping for more Jesse x Rowen romance, and hopefully there they will progress with their relationship.

I would recommend this book to everyone. If you like sweet romance, but with some troubles, if you don’t mind one sex scene, then this book is for you.

5 Stars

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